A bee-themed holiday in South Tyrol

Let us introduce ourselves

“A thousand thoughts are flying through my head and outside there are 100,000 more bees, who have just been awakened by the gently warming rays of the morning sun. They shine right onto the Corno del Renon, coming from the east over the mighty Dolomite massif, rousing everything that isn’t yet awake. I let the 1,000 thoughts fly for a while and look out of the window, here at the APIPURA Hotel Rinner, 2 minutes away from Lake Wolfsgrubner in Soprabolzano. Oh yes! I haven't introduced myself yet! I’m Manfred, the boss’ son and dedicated chef. The view from here, which ranges out over the tops of the trees from the west as far as the Ortles mountains and the Brenta Dolomites, makes you forget everything for a moment.


The Rinner Family welcomes you warmly to the APIPURA Hotel Rinner on the Renon. Experience a South Tyrolean holiday dedicated to bees and their produce. Try the different types of organic honey or the benefits of our innovative api-wellness.

Hotel Rinner
The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.
Henry David Thoureau (1817-1862)
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