Tasty Törggelen, magical Christmas markets & more

South Tyrol’s culture and traditions throughout the year

Törggelen – autumnal indulgence

One of the most popular South Tyrolean traditions, the Törggelen evolved from an ancient farmer custom. The name itself derives from “Torggel”, meaning “wine press”. During the Törggelen season – from late September to late November – local inns and taverns serve traditional delicacies in the authentic atmosphere of their alpine stube parlours. The Törggelen menu typically includes sweet must (Siaßer), new wine (Nuier) and traditional South Tyrolean farmer’s foods like speck, smoked sausages, sauerkraut, schlutzkrapfen (stuffed pasta), roasted chestnuts and jam-filled krapfen.

Summer retreat

In the summer months, when the mercury rises to Mediterranean heights in the Bolzano valley, here on the Renon plateau at 1,221 metres we still enjoy fresh air and mild temperatures. Unsurprisingly, the area has been a popular summer retreat destination for centuries. Already in the 17th century the wealthy class used to retreat to their estates on the Renon to escape the town’s heat. Its popularity increased further at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Renon cable car was built, making the area easier to reach. 

Christmas markets and the Renon Christmas train

Steaming mulled wine, yummy bake and atmospheric lights – the Renon Christmas markets are smaller, quainter versions of the famous counterparts that attract yearly throngs of visitors to the main towns of South Tyrol. If you are not a fan of big crowds and would rather sample the local culinary specialities and browse for quality handicraft products in the quieter setting of a mountain village, then the Renon Christmas markets – to be found both in Soprabolzano/Oberbozen and Collalbo/Klobenstein – are the experience you are looking for. To add an extra touch of magic, the two towns are connected by the festively decorated Renon Christmas train

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