Hotel Rinner – Italy’s first Api wellness centre

A lungful of health

The Rinner is the only hotel in South Tyrol – and Italy – to offer the exclusive Api treatment. Now you are probably wondering what Api wellness is and what it can do to improve your health and wellbeing.


To answer these questions, it is useful to take a closer look at bees. Honey bees live in groups called “colonies”, because a single bee would not stand a chance to survive on its own. Small as they may be though, bees’ life can be quite complicated and they need to perform a variety of tasks to ensure their survival. First and foremost, they need to collect pollen and nectar. The former, which is rich in proteins, serves as bee food whereas the latter is mixed with bees’ bodily fluids and transformed into honey. Bees also line hive holes with a natural antibiotic substance called propolis to protect their hive against fungi and bacteria. When they are not busy doing all that, the little insects beat their wings continuously to let the nectar dry up and keep the beehive at a temperature of 35°C. As a result, beehive air is enriched with volatile substances coming from honey, propolis, pollen and beeswax, including essential oils, flavonoids, aromatic substances and other health-promoting active ingredients.

Based on these facts, certified apitherapist Jürgen Schmiedgen has developed the groundbreaking Beecura system – a treatment method based on the inhalation of beehive air that allows you to reap the benefits of its valuable components without disturbing the bees. You can inhale it directly – a pleasant and soothing experience. Jürgen Schmiedgen wants to prove the beneficial effects of beehive air in a clinical study.


As our guest, you will have the chance to live this exclusive experience under the expert guidance of host Paul Rinner.

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