Premium honey from South Tyrol and more

Paul Rinner and his bees

Besides its natural and cultural attractions, South Tyrol is also known for its premium-quality honey. But to Paul Rinner, owner of the Ritten hotel, the hotel’s very own apiary means much more than just honey production. It is a mission he has been devoting himself to with unwavering enthusiasm ever since he was a young boy. Over many years of passionate beekeeping, he has created a special bond with his bees and collected valuable experience which he is happy to share with anyone interested in his work. He is especially proud to be Italy’s first hotelier offering the innovative Api wellness, which is bringing an increasing number of journalists to his door.


Paul Rinner practises migratory beekeeping, meaning he shifts his bee colonies to the most suitable crops throughout the year to ensure a rich honey yield. This is made possible by South Tyrol’s three different climatic areas (Mediterranean lowlands, wood-and meadow-covered hills and high-altitude mountains) which offer bees a variety of different plants and flowers. This is how we are able to produce a number of first-class honey varieties, including: apple blossom honey, acacia honey, dandelion honey, forest honey, chestnut honey, linden honey and snow-rose honey.


While on holiday on the Renon plateau, you will have the chance to sample our delicious organic honey varieties at breakfast as well as on the occasion of our weekly theme dinner

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